Recent themes

Mechanical regulation of DNA conformation
Jumpei Fukute

Mechanics in bone formation
Yuka Yokoyama

Angiogenesis enhanced by cyclic stretching
Koki Yoshimoto

Clarification of neuronal migration
Sunao Imanishi

Development of the in silico experimental system for bone metabolism and remodeling
Yuki Miya

Elucidating the mechanism of osteocyte apoptosis induced by mechanical overload
Nobuhiko Nakao

Continuum mechanics study for tissue morphogenesis caused by cellular activities
Hironori Takeda

Evaluation of osteocyte gene expression changes depending on culture environment of osteoblast-like cells
Hiroyuki Kigami

Nitiric oxide induces apoptosis of mechanically stimulated murine osteocytes
Izumi Mori

Roles of the ultrastructure of canaliculi in the osteocyte mechanosensing
Yuka Yokoyama

Increase in stiffness of focal molecular complex depending on talin in the early formation process
Nobuhiko Nakao

Influence of interstitial fluid flow in bone canaliculi on inter cellular signal transportation
Masaya Miwa

A biologically constructed model of bone remodeling based on theoretical validation
Young Kwan Kim

AFM high-speed imaging of molecular dynamics bearing mechanotransduction
Yuki Hirohashi

Single-molecule biomechanics for α-catenin using AFM and TIRFM
Koichiro Maki
Other previous themes

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